At least hey gave Breaking Bad a 10 lol! Here was a movie that was going to examine high school bullying through the eyes of those being bullied, here was a movie that was going to show high schoolers not self-reporting when a student tells them they are going to commit a violent act, here’s a movie that is going to explain how teachers are completely unaware of what their students are up to right before they commit the heinous act of a school shooting. Can IMDb please use some oversight in who gets to speak for film and who rates film. I will have to try to see the beginning! And maybe he’s onto something. The humor is edgy and warm at the same time, and the documentary style just make the whole the scenic expression seem realistic and human. Charliehound, who does same thing too yet acts in review like they know what they’re talking about and gives ratings as though they are fair gives Gravity a 1, which is film I thought was overrated and Bullock bad acting, but a 1 with that direction and compared to ALL other films ever made, and its a 1!?

It’s a movie about a believable male friendship, and those first moments when best friends start getting pulled in two different directions. In another scene, when Matt and Owen are watching a movie at home, Matt offers some popcorn to the cameraman. This is a powerful film which shines a harsh, unforgiving light upon bullying. It doesn’t look to embellish or sensationalize because it knows this kind of event occurs, unfortunately, very often. It follows a topic that isn’t discussed from this point of view. It’s about consequences, it’s about friendship, it’s about loneliness. That’s how this film made me feel. Is their endgame the result of some sort of violence blue balls?

I do love reading lengthy reviews from contributors who never reviewed anything before but felt it was their moral duty to write a glowing review for crap movie, although it does bring out the Sherlock in me and makes me wonder how legitimate some of these reviews are.

Before I get into spoilers, I spoileg want to say please watch this film and also go in without knowing anything about this movie.


At least hey gave Breaking Bad a 10 lol! Luckily, Johnson and his team have the goods.

‘The Dirties’ Review

The Dirties is a harrowing look at a subject no one wants to explore and that ditries the school shooting. That is a dreamy, hazy and finely choreographed cinema exercise that, while spellbinding, doesn’t have the close emotional connection found in ‘The Dirties. The interactions between characters feel like real high school interactions.

For those reviewers that support the shaky camera as though the viewer is in on the act, during the movie the cameraman is referenced twice, when he is offered popcorn and when he is mentioned by name. And maybe he’s onto something. They are almost like the bullies AND losers they say they found boring in this film. dirtis

The Dirties (Film) – TV Tropes

Engaging this movie is like jumping into the deep end of a cold pool. The acting was blah, and the dialogue lame. For the first time in my life, I watched a movie for a second time, immediately after watching it the first time. It tackles a lot of subjects, including bullying, psychopaths, friendship, obsession, and the current state of media.

We meet them the day they first crack open their wireless mics. It’s a powerful, engaging and important film. The movie tricks you into watching something psychologically brilliant.

All in all, this is a very powerful and tragic film which successfully tells a compelling story whilst also spreading a message fundamental to the development of society.

One thing that the film misses that is a detriment, is the fact that there are actually many intersections and exceptions of what constitutes ‘nerds’ and ‘bullies’ i.

You will be shocked. The main supporting actress was Krista Madison who played the role of Chrissy, Owen’s crush. That in and of itself shows that the film did its job.

Any movie that has the ability to distract and withhold information for the betterment of the final product is worth the price of admission. However, The Dirties was a fun and positive movie experience. And in the end, the only interesting parts of this painfully familiar material are the confusing narrative disconnections. The abrupt insane ending, is something to be admired too, which i wont spoil. It’s definitely a must see. I don’t know if Matt and Owen did dirtids experience bullying in their life, but the way it was portrayed felt so realistic and so well done that I’d bet they did.


In this scene, Matt sppoiler finally able to do what Owen has been pleading for him to do: Bonus points cause I think it’s Canadian. Dirtes in all they pack an awful lot into the 80 minute run time. Matt Johnson will probably take all the plaudits but Owen Williams’s performance was just as good. I hope this dirtiees is studied in film schools and that the performances are referenced in acting classes for years dirtkes come.

If anyone has seen Gus van Sant’s ‘Elephant’ or Harmony Kormine’s ‘Bully’ or Micheal Henke’s ‘Funny Games’ or more recently Josh Trank’s ‘Chronicle’, you would be right to draw comparisons but also realize this film earns the right to placed in the same regard and esteem.

Written and directed by Matt Johnson who also starsthe film follows a pair of high school students working on a project for their film class, a Tarantino-esque revenge tale that sees them portraying a pair of renegade detectives hell-bent on taking out a group of bullies they’ve dubbed “The Dirties. Nobody asked for this movie. In the case of the Chicago Critics Film Festival, that was easy to do; while there were movies I don’t think succeeded as well as others, I’m glad to have seen them all.

All in all, The Dirties is a very good film, albeit a rushed ending, which can, and will pick up more awards, deservedly so.