I’m in awe The drama might not be perfect but it is meaningful and has all the wonderful characters that make I care. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Living in the rich person’s house. Il-joo grumbles, still dying of jealousy. To leave without knowing if his plan got carried out or if his wife continued to live just broke my heart – but what really touched me was seeing how he gave his heart to her to continue living: Tae Won knows about what Hwang Yong does, and gets down to business. The way he was crying while breaking the ampule and looking at the picture of the three of them, makes it quite believable that he was sure that was the last time he was seeing them.

Hwang Yong just drives on by, pretending he never saw her. Then we fade into a wedding dress shop, where Dad and Grandpa read the latest wedding-wear trends right out of a magazine, the same way Grandpa did when he took Dal-po in for his makeover. I cried so much my mom thought I was insane. Tae Won and Hwang Yong have dinner together. I loved the strong feamle characters that remained complex and strong throughout the series even if Min Yoon is sociopath it was great to see in a kdrama. Yoo-rae gets drunk again, this time wailing at Gyo-dong for leading her on and then rejecting her. I realize that her love for her son is the part that would show her “good” side but I don’t really see much character development because she stayed the same through out the show nice on the outside, love for her son, evil on the inside. Where was all that wisdom when he was murdering people?

Yeah, this drama isn’t as fresh and punchy as I Hear Your Voice, but it’s still one of the best offor me – not as good as an excellent drama means it’s still very good! The odd little Choi family unit wouldn’t have been half as convincing if she hadn’t gone all in on on and committed eepisode it.

I fear the wrath of the maids when they find out Soon Geum is a billionaire.


This is too much to handle xtudy once. Thank you for clarification regarding the lottery ticket. But then, the roller gets stuck on his hair! This show is so satisfying. Episodes by odilettante. Eventually, all four maids dissolve into a loud and petty argument over the money.

Coolrepublica February 20, at 3: Thank you for the recaps!! At the part with Mini Hyung, I was like ‘huh, what am I missing? Loved every minute of Pinocchio and I just wondee what would have happened if they didnt have hyung’s story end so abruptly. It seems he was unable to go his holiday with his family too. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Gun Woo talks to his father on the rooftop for a private chat.

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She hooked her boot heel loosely in the stirrup for leverage and launched herself at Cheadle. I just came late. He urged the Minister to make Prosecutor General resign in that very day as if he was waiting for the retirement speech to reach him. Oof, definitely the characters. Looking forward to these two in another series.

Thank you GF for your recaps. I don’t watch punch, I read the recaps. Is it possible that the winning lottery ticket is not the ticket Soon Geum bought with her own money??

They spot Soon Geum coming home with Young Hee and all of them rush outside hugging her excitedly.

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Despite their differences, they never lost the mutual respect they had for each other as worthy adversaries, which effectively separated them and their wrongdoings from the likes of Minister Yoon and Ho-sung. The next day, Soon Geum takes a huge stack of cash and hands it to the real estate office. I feel like her romance with Gyo-dong saved her almost nonexistent storyline towards the end, because she was wasted for a good portion of the himr.

Will wait for the next and the next. The actors were all wonderful and the characters they portrayed were absolutely believable but three darange stood out for me.

And Kim Rae Won, stufy breaking my heart so much in his last two dramas but kudos to him for giving life the character Jung Hwan such in a perfect way. I won’t say much about the finale, just that it was everything I wanted it to be, and even more. You were the best love story between an uncle, a niece, a grandpa, and a dad ever. I’m sorry, but I like Young Hee. Reporters flood in and line up to get an interview with Beom-jo, but he refuses to see anyone.


Will remember you for a long time! And everyone else in the show. The deferring to grandpa’s wishes and holding off on their romance even if it is in a “we’re not dating anyone else either” style works here.

When GW was fat he was nice when he became the sexy guy he became the snob ,arrogant though the recapper might be right it is just a facade so SG will leave the house But what kind of a Chaebol are these people -they can only afford one maid each?

Thank you so much gf for writing such awesome recaps everytime. Episode 4 by Regals. Does Hwang Yong have the right to sell it to someone else? Chesens January 16, at 6: All about Korean Drama.

I watched this show faithfully and did not see it. Then my world would look all bright and nice.

My name also starts with Z and, when I was trying to ainopsis out how to spell my name I ended up substituting it with the S character. To leave without knowing if his plan got carried out or if his wife continued to live just broke my heart – but what really touched me was seeing how he gave his heart to her to continue living: Don’t get it why!. I felt like this after Misaeng, but Pinocchio filled that hole for a while. I wish the writers would hme a better reason for him being so rude.