During his struggle to live there and fulfill the conditions set by his grandfather his transformation from arrogance to humility appeals to the villagers and students. One for me too! Okay, take this tablet and have tea, you’ll be fine. We need his vote also. Arrange a dance program again. But my love for you is real.

Heart fell for the young and handsome and changed its attitude Teacher will bribe a kid with chocolate first to get him into the school, only then the teacher can know what the child can learn, right? Please don’t call him. And toil hard for a meal How many times will you fall down? He felt breathlessness, l’ve always seen him as very active, and a teacher who beats, never seen him lying on bed, go and meet him. Aren’t you angry on me?

You said overcan’t do even 4 also? Do you know you mustn’t be on road when Appi’s tractor comes? You didn’t even sport to keep dot but today you’re asking for henna design, l felt like that, dear.

A question that must be asked by opposition is asked by treasury. NCC means morning walks, coffees, tiffins, idlies, at piola camps, campfires and girls, and zakindar time with them, it’ll be different. Why didn’t you tell me sir? Please don’t let him write the exam, Goddess. To take rest, he’ll buy Everest This year, let’s rock it.


You’ll beat me even if I select, right? Just show him to me. Hindi master is coming. Those were like this only, come let’s go to kovie room. Cow gave me milk Uddhandam sir is coming, silence please. Go, stop thinking and go to sleep. Forget why you are here! He’s slapping me to death sir. Where are you going?

That short is mine, will you take from body also along with drying in sun? My son loves fish curry. Running novie place like this for the past 25 years.

Pilla Zamindar () Movie Script | SS

He has played dramas, won’t you ask him? Our votes are yours, what an idea sir! You too come in a dhoti tomorrow. We can reform him! You’ve made me bow my head in shame.

Pilla Zamindar (2011) Movie Script

For pronouncing the word again wrongly he beat me again and again. Why is he calling me now? Do something helpful to people and take them along with you.

Bindu Madhavi was cast for the role of Amrutha and Srinivas Avasarala was cast for the role of Nani’s friend. We don’t gel together. Months after he joins the college, another condition of his grandfather is revealed: Movid is Military Rajanna hostel!


You need at least zaminear people to carry. What’s that meeting on the road? Will it fall again with the same timing? We’re waiting for it.

How much ever they may study, can’t get more than marks, right? Why did you bring me here?

My credit card is not working, is there money in my bank or not? They must be in dust bin. Come, I’ll take you to him.

Last night they’d a fight in hostel. Retrieved 25 January Let’s pour honey into his pant, if we tie him in the backyard near the anthill, for one month he can’t take a leak. Call someone, let’s cremate him. This is Ramana’s cycle bell.