In the meantime, the cabin fills with heavy smoke and fire. His body is plastered to the side of the plane and the plane is diving quickly. Korean Air Lines Flight With the international media clamoring for answers, the And tragically, their findings come too late to prevent an icy killer from striking again. But something goes terribly wrong on its final approach, and the DC-8 crashes at the end of the runway. The first source was a number of eyewitness reports from people who saw a second brightly lit object going up into the sky and contacting the aircraft, a description which certainly sounds like a missile attacking the aircraft.

But soon, the fuel supply dwindles, both engines lose power, On 6 June , Copa Airlines Flight enters a high-speed dive, breaks up in mid-air, and crashes into the Darien Gap 29 minutes after taking off from Tocumen International Airport , killing all 47 people on board. The subsequent investigation concluded that a surface-to-air missile caused the in-flight break-up. Reeve Aleutian Airways Flight 8. On 16 August , shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Airport , Northwest Airlines Flight stalls and crashes just beyond the runway, killing all but one of the people on board and two people on the ground. After the tragedy, the website of The New York Times saw its traffic increase to 1. On 7 August , Fine Air Flight stalls and crashes just seconds after taking off from Miami International Airport , killing all 4 people on board and 1 person on the ground.

Soon, thick black smoke fills the cabin, panicked passengers struggle to escape, and just minutes later, the aircraft is completely ravaged by fire. Remember, the majority of people who reported that it looked like a missile struck the aircraft, did not start watching until at least one minute after the explosion happened.

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This special looked at disasters where multiple investigations don’t agree on the cause of these accidents. Asiana Airlines Flight The non-precision approach procedure the crew needed to follow required the use of two automatic direction findersbut the aircraft was only fitted with one.


The cause of the crash is flivht Audible Download Audio Books. Making a routine journey from Berlin, Crossair Flight is on its final approach to Zurich.

Investigators find nothing wrong with the aircraft itself, but what they eventually uncover changes commercial flight forever. Alaska Airlines Flight The source of ignition energy for the explosion could not be determined with certainty, but, of the sources evaluated by the investigation, tlight most likely was a short circuit outside of the CWT that allowed excessive voltage to enter it through electrical wiring associated with the fuel quantity indication system.

The crash was attributed to the uncommanded deployment of a faulty thrust reverser on maayday right engine, which was aggravated by the co-pilot’s forceful inputs on the right engine’s throttle.

Greek Ferry Disaster [n 1]. The plane explodes on impact.

Next Showing Tuesday 26 February at Around the globe, the Boeing is the backbone of the aviation industry. Coast Guard pulls a piece of wreckage from the waters on July 18, For broadcasters that do not use the series name Maydaythis season includes three episodes labeled as Crash Scene Investigation spin-offs, examining marine or rail disasters. It’s the deadliest crash in Ireland in decades, and it’s up to ,ayday Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit to figure out what went wrong.

The aging propeller plane crashes into the water.

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The cockpit voice recorder raises disturbing questions about an inexperienced pilot. The causes were ice on the wings and the pilots’ failure to turn on the engines’ anti-freeze system, causing erroneous engine instrument readings. Safety in the sky depends on the outcome of air crash investigations. On 16 JulyJohn F.


Story highlights people were on board TWA Flight from 13 countries The government spent four years and millions of dollars in the investigation The FBI said the disaster was not caused by a terrorist act.

Air France Flight Airbus A June 26th, The Airbus A the worlds most sophisticated passenger jet takes off for its maiden passenger flight and first-ever public demonstration. Investigators found that passenger David Burke, a former USAir employee, taw a gun on board the aircraft and shot the pilots in a murder-suicide plot to kill his former supervisor who was also a passenger on board after being fired from his job days earlier.

TWA Flight 800

On 14 NovemberAlitalia Flight descends too low and crashes into mqyday woodlands of the Stalderberg Mountain near WeiachSwitzerland, 5.

The deadliest DC-8 crash in history and the worst accident ever for Facing almost zero-visibility, the pilots rely entirely on ground controllers as they navigate into position for takeoff.

Douglas DC-7 ; Flight 2: The agencies needed a detailed protocol describing which agency takes the lead when it is initially unclear maydag an event is an accident or a criminal act.

It reveals the events that led to each crisis or disaster, their causes as determined by the fligyt investigating body or bodies, and the measures they recommended to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

Collision Course [n 1]. Primary radar returns that appeared near the TWA after 8: