With thousands unsaid questions in our minds. He charged confidential men to follow the intruder. For Slava Sevryukova this was not that case. It is called San Andrea. To enter into the micro-and macrocosm. Subscribe To Posts Atom. View in desktop mode. Mira, You are a shining star in a dark night.

Impulse, inspired by the spiritual power of the suffering woman, who overcame the exhaustion and misfortune – sighed the stranger in time – Slava —with sadness. The marine was named after the city of Kursk, which many believed turned out to be the prediction made by Vanga. He charged confidential men to follow the intruder. There are some heavenly charm into her We’re committed to providing the best documentaries from around the World. This National Geographic documentary provides a new insight t Vanga l and Slava Sevryukova r.

Only one super sensitive person can understand another.

The Mona Lisa — A Love Story Spanning Lifetimes

She told King Boris, who visited her, that he will die in Augustand that red flag will rise above the palace. I cannot put it in words how much what you are saying means to me!

The question could hardly caused difficulties to the psychotronic woman, long time ago received international recognition for her unusual abilities. Your email address will not be published. It’s not a robot, it’s not a drone, it’s a Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga used to be very popular in this country and abroad.

When Leonardo met the woman we now know as Mona Lisa, it movje a love at first sight.

There are speculations who does the small portrait depict. One of skava reasons they were so important was not for their spiritual merit, which was pretty dubious, but for their social importance. I cite the source in the story itself.

Koudounaris’ new book, Heavenly Bodies: I can see — it is from special wood. She rubbed her fingers. She said those would be spiritual phenomena that would get the people together.


Good times ahead for Bulgaria, soothsayers claim

September 29 is supposed to be the last day of the year to eat blackberries: Was that a source of the smile unresolved until today, a smile catching the attention of so many generations worldwide, an appellative of mystery?

He gives us signs. But whenever I was lost or disconnected from myself for some days ,I always found appropriate guidance from your posts as if they were meant for me. Prophetess Vanga, or Baba Vanga as she is known on the Balkans, can be easily put in the same sentence as Nostradamus.

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We are listening – astounded. He is preparing as well a documentary movie about the grand Bulgarian prophetess Slava Sevryukova, which will be attached in CD format into the 5th the last book. The University of Ruse is taking part at the development of an educational network in the field of digital technologies in education, lecturing and working with young talents and special target groups.

The great Beatle was shot in front of the entrance of his flat in a hotel in New York ten years after he had left the legendary band. Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. What would happen if he was still alive by a miracle of fate? The artist was humbled.

Princess Diana also had a very symmetrical face see here.

People with different jobs, thirsty for knowledge, gathered in her house. She was repeatedly and easily transmitted and “revealing” events thousands of kilometers away, hundreds of years back and forth in time.

When he knew about her unfaithfulness he burst with rage. He sold more than 10 CIA agents to Russia. Subscribe To Posts Atom. They were sent to Catholic churches and religious houses to replace the relics destroyed in the wake of the Protestant Reformation in the s.


By a play of fate he was introduced by chance again chance to a palace master of violins, reached old ages, who was close to tsar Boris III. But she had a peculiar charm.

Europe will be gone by – All the prophecies by Bulgarian prophetess Vanga | DocumentaryTube

He began a kind conversation with them. She could touch the Universal Soul. And with wisdom — to interpret them. Click here to sign up. So I imagine I will be doing many more events in France.

The prophetess reached the soundless acoustics of souls: How was this phenomenal work made? The charismatic psyhotronic woman was gathering millennia in one mmoment. But Mankind is developing Not only this I have started Vloging also on youtube and open to people. He turned into a collector of love disappointments. Predictions, illuminated by lightnings.

For — let say again — he was from the Great Initiated. Sipped the wine of wisdom, they were exalted. The sorceress, paving the way for the New Epoch, could see the hidden things in life.

Comments on a cultural reality between past and future. As he caught glimpse servukova her, when they talked – carefully adhering to the health right hand slightly paralyzed left. Your tapes are great.

Aunt Slava once again read our thoughts.