What’s up with the director shooting all these juicy scenes, only to film it like a mile away or with things blocking it all the time?! It’s confirmed, this is not the best drama, probably not even a good drama, but I’ve just watched the drama and ta daaa Your email address will not be published. But I like her character, i can relate to her character. Yay its a wrap!

You are still 24 years old it was time when he did debut for the first time , so there is still much time for you to learn and improve your skill in acting. The Show warms my heart, and makes me smile with contentment–the way few other shows have done. Thankfully Dad has more practical advice than her friends, and suggests that a sincere love letter might just work best. I had trouble with this drama. Maybe it’s because the last episode was full of everyone’s stories-and not enough of the main couple themselves? Is it worse to be mocked by your peers, or pitied by the cafeteria and cleaning ladies? But they should have made a different and better opening and the dream sequences are too weird for my taste. I can see where some viewers had issues with it, and I share those concerns.

Nujume September 4, at 1: The CG is exaggerated, but it has that overtly whimsical sensibility of Pushing Daisies or Big Fish — dreamy, romantic, and girlish. Are you guys serious?

Gaaah wgm fans really annoying. And the comparison with Goong was not impressing. They aren’t very clever, funny or honest.

The first episode was kind of draggy, and I had mixed feelings after watching the first episode. Although I was very fond of Goong and the bear theme, I thought this drama should have taken a more original route.


Thank You Very Much for all of yours hardworking! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? On the writing front, this episode is very thin on action. I sort of wish Ha-Ni displayed a bit more dumbness. Do you mean the seven bonus episodes?

Where can I watch the Bonus Playful Kiss episode in eng sub? ( baek sung jo’s diart too)?

I’ve heard the series was continuing, but not through television I thought she played her extremely dimwitted that it became a fault and not an endearing characteristic. Looking forward for the next 90min additional episode in YT. Dude, you just posted twenty times under multiple names.

She tells him to stop insisting that he knows himself and knows his heart, and to just sit for a while and really ask himself what his feelings might be, where the wind might take him. You’ve just said the things that needed to be said! The problems appear to be both a writing and a directing thing.

My boyfriend is thirsting over a bunch of Kpop rappers named b t s or something like that But it was fake. Apparently, that’s in keeping with the manga and maybe this adaptation is trying to keep with the manga.

No attacking, no advancing, just pawns being moved around. I know the actress only from Bad Guyand she wasn’t so terrible in that. I just finished watching Eps 1 and 2 at viikii and was pleasantly surprised to find your Ep 1 recap.

Oh Ha-ni, waking from her latest crush-induced fantasy, races off as the bell rings. I think if I really look closely, there will be more that blocked a would be nice scene. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: She had crush that’s known by the whole school, feeling foolish about it, but without looking foolish or dumb at all. Ha-ni thanks him for always being there for her and listening to her all these years, and she asks him to listen to her one last time. Seriously, must you epieode shooting from the back of the car and farrr farrr away from the front of the car?


Go tot he link below and there will be all 16 episodes, then the 7 specials.

JSM was really good too. Which sets of a series of creaks… and rumbles…. Are there a chance to make PK 2?

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Epispde, did they even consummate the marriage? September 3, at 9: SM September 3, at Will we end on a kiss to end all kisses? I always wondered how this drama would end. Thank you for your patience with us and allowing us to indulge ourselves. No he is not married. I agree with JB in this recap. Thank you for this wonderful journey and I’d hope to see another kdrama adaptations from manga, hmm Dramaccrazy dont know, I was thinking Kare Kano