Checking out what movies are on You can find movie schedules in most newspapers. The “monte” part is generally considered to be the hill where the Cerro fort is now. The following year the Spanish started building the city of Montevideo on the opposite side of the bay where Ciudad Vieja is now, and occupied and colonized the rest of the region. Foreigners are required to have a work permit, which reportedly is easy to get Citizens of Mercosur countries are allowed to live and work freely here. There is no bus or taxi service for the whole day on 1st of January and 1st of May, as well as on the preceding nights after 19h, so plan your moves accordingly. A third alternative is to walk towards the city center and the old town along 18 de Julio, it’s around 4 km to Plaza Independencia. This means that two of us can go to the movies and have refreshments for less than 20 dollars. Cinema locations in Montevideo Most art cinema venues are located in Pocitos or the city centre Centro.

In the s, an economic collapse led to the emergence of a left-wing guerrilla movement, followed by a military dictatorship lasting until , when democracy was restored. Efficient and on time. Cinemateca tickets are far cheaper — about 90 pesos , less than 5 USD. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada. Among the publics, there are:. Gas stations and their mini markets do not handle cash and only accept credit cards at night.

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Many establishments have a happy hour and by good weather you can enjoy your drink outside. To reach this city, just stay in route BR It has a variety of good, quality information including hotels, restaurants, attractions and travel details. Buses are the only form of mass public transit available in town, so it’s likely you’ll use them at some point.


Parts of the city may appear run-down, but do not confuse this with it being a bad neighborhood. Less windy days are good for bike rides along the beach promenade.

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There are frequent buses to and from all main cities in Uruguay and carteoera destinations in ArgentinaBrazilChile and Paraguay. For those leaving from Porto AlegreBrazil shipping, there are two options: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The ticket can include the bus to Montevideo from Colonia. Ferry service from Buenos Aires is also available via the same company Buquebus via Colonia.

Among the publics, there are:. Montevideo is occasionally also visited by cruise ships. Montevideo Carnival dates.

The bus stop is right out the airport to the left where a big bus sign is visible. The ones near Plaza Independencia are of high standard and popular among foreign dignitaries. The first is whopping Monday-Saturday from morning to mid-evening.

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The ferry arrives in the Muchas gracias por la buena onda y tu aporte al blog. This route is cheaper and about hr longer than the direct crossing. You cartelers walk around without worry almost anywhere, and there are lots of side streets and areas you can explore: There are no particular “rainy” and “dry” seasons: There are many types of tickets available and you are supposed to say which one you want: However, it’s strongly recommended that you pay in Uruguayan pesos, as they charge a lot more if you pay in reals or dollars.


Probably half of what Montevideo has to offer visitors is concentrated in the area immediately west of Plaza Independecia — the old town. After that, take route 8 to Montevideo. If moving around by car, be aware that shopipng and lane markings are often poor or non existent, and it’s hard to see how many lanes the street really has.

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Pickpocketing occurs downtown so backpacks and handbags should preferably be worn so that you can see them. Watch your step to avoid getting splashed.

Possession of major quantities is illegal and punishable by law. It takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes. Parking houses in the city charge per hour and long term parking is generally expensive.

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If you’re traveling on a shoestring it’s advisable to pick hostels or hotels that are simpler equipped but better located and cheaper. The unrest of the midth century, including an eight-year siege, was followed by a time of prosperity, and the region was a popular destination for European immigrants. Prices vary but you portons expect to pay about pesos on a weekend and cartelwra on weekdays per person to get into the movies.

Gracias por el aporte y por visitar el blog. Separate traffic lights for pedestrians are rare, in general there is just one traffic light for all traffic. Digo por si vas a buscar el descuento en Grupocine con tarjetas Santander.