Whilst your order may go through initially, and even get to the “Despatching” stage, you may still get an e-mail later on, saying that your order cannot be fulfilled, even though Amazon has copies available for purchase. Although very little of the sex was erotic– I’m not sure it was meant to be. Audible Download Audio Books. And all for what? Only a PETA goop would find this offensive, but I must say forcing one to watch this would be better than water boarding them. If, after all of the above, you are still wanting to get a copy of this film, or are contemplating purchasing it, hang-tight for one more moment. I hope you will come back and post more comments again!

Call me a sicko but that’s where I’ve crossed to line: Secondly, you mention about how easy it is to fake animal cruelty. It’s almost a miracle to watch a movie with 3 hours and find yourself interested till the end or till half of it. While this might be exactly what extreme cinema fans are looking for, the whole thing proves extremely boring thanks to its pretentious approach, unfathomable storytelling and excruciating two and a half hour plus runtime. Honestly anybody who has ever been hunting or even fishing will be scratching his head. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, but my sympathies and condolences to you, nonetheless.

Berate the director, by all means, if they make a film you vehemently disagree withbut not the country. The film is absolutely NOT FSK-approved, and to be frank, would be banned or heavily cut in most countries around the globe, especially in Germany!

I’ve yet to see Cannibal, heard it was good though sometimes I think why don’t I just download the films I want to see, but then I think well that’s jipping the filmmakers out of the hard work they put into it, so films I want to see I always try to watch from a legit way. Whilst you are correct, the fact remains there have been interviews with Dora, on the mflancholie release, in which he has said he DID kill animals, and other interviews rilm which he has said he definitely DID NOT kill them.

For cinema shock value this is great. Being a big fan of controversial cinema, namely A Serbian Film and Salo, Dora’s monster is almost three hours of complete weirdness and infrequent WTF moments. People can do what the hell they like to each other in the name of their art and they dobut leave the animals out of it unlike the turtle melancyolie Cannibal Holocaust, I can’t imagine that the cat became food for the cast and crew.


This is it, folks! The two friends meet again after years to share their last days in the old house where everything happened a long time ago. Cats, pigs, birds, insects and other animals couldn’t escape from this one. Haneke and Tarantino have shown this many times how violence can turn a good story into a great one.

Blindingly obvious juxtaposing of things like pig slaughter and sex. I’ve used IMDb since it started and never made an account, but after watching this over hyped sham, I had to say some thing to spare future viewers from this load of pseudo-pretentious offal.

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So why put it in? Actually, instead of water boarding, this movie should be used to force confessions from “terrorists. Seeing someone defecating is much less offensive than seeing someone’s head being blown up or torture-porn. Insects and animals are crushed and tortured at intervals; a small lizard is crushed to death, in another moment a snails eyes are cut off with scissors – all real.

I didn’t see excuse the pun any reason for this to happen, serbkan the movie has enough fictional violence and crazy debauchery on its own. Also, the film comes with an official, red, FSK 18 sticker attached to it.

And to be honest, I hope no one does try and top it! As for the film being a “masterwork”, I think I will respectfully disagree with you there.

Yet, how many of us eat milk, meat, eggs, etc? I almost give up watching “Melancholie der Engel” because of it.

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If I was given the choice of mashing my toes with a ball-peen hammer or watching this slobbering drivel, I’d be grabbing the nearest hammer! Sufficed to say, I finally found the subtitles so I can properly give this title a review. You can never undo the damage!


Call me a sicko but that’s where I’ve crossed to line: Hell 5 September at There is some strange rituals the men and women perform while eating and a lot of poetic philosophy about our inner urges and nihilistic tendencies of those dwelling on the fringe of society. I watched it,didn’t understand it but I love movies. If you think you’ve seen it all, you probably haven’t! Beyond the fact that this film is very harsh there are some absolutely breath taking scenery, and the score by the late great David Hess adds a haunting beauty that honestly makes this film that much worse.

Still, I think for the majority of extreme cinema fans, this IS a film, that pushes them right to the very edge of tolerance.

Pretty much every extreme thing that can be done, you see it here! I apologise for this, and hope you will forgive me.

Movies that left you feeling disgusted?

On that, and that alone, I decided NOT to view it. Do I want a film to top this, however? Neil Rosenbaum 24 December at But Marian Dora is obviously not a gifted filmmaker looking at this one. It is violence against humans and animalscheap thrills, obscenities, naked people being physically and emotionally tortured. But, each to their own. Nah the srpski film is the most bizarre currently as far as i consider.

They way the editor jumped from one babbling monologue to another in vz attempt to legitimize the moral or lack of struggles made me think he was on crack I watched the movie without subtitles and I don’t speak Germanso I didn’t understood the story, if there’s something to understand.

There’s graphic and explicit sexual scenes, that are nothing short of pornographic in detail. Still, Thank You for writing in! Is the film any good, though, I hear you ask? I think that’s both insensitive to his death and his family, and also incredibly naive of you to think that.