Ref legal event code: These objects are achieved by the device defined in claim 1 probe and the apparatus defined in claim fourteenth. The latter is guided via a non-illustrated melt duct 22 at the upper end of the central chamber 8 to a measuring contact K1. DK Free format text: Electrochemical measurement system with two reference electrodes of different drift to monitor the salt concentration in the common reference electrolyte. BG Free format text: Device and method for the preparation of froth from a liquid milk-based food product. RO Free format text:

Schliesslich wird die eigentliche, als Zusatzelektrode wirkende Beschichtung aufgetragen. Platinum is well solderable, has excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance and is also suitable for the measurement of redox potentials. Both coatings 14b, 14c extend from the immersion region 4 up to the upper end of the probe housing 2b. B1 Designated state s: DE DED1 en CH Ref legal event code:

The sensing chamber 10b defined by the na 2b contains a reference electrolyte solution 28, into which a discharge element 30 acting as a, covered with a layer of silver chloride silver wire is immersed.

For this purpose, the measuring probe on two mounted on different regions of the immersion region auxiliary electrodes which are each connected to an associated pad and defining a measuring section for measuring the electrical resistance or the electrical conductivity.

DK Free format text: It should be understood that individual housing sites of the probe must remain uncoated for functional reasons. FR Ref legal event code: FI Free format text: CH Ref legal event code: NL Free format text: Namely, a single half-cell, for example a glass electrode or a reference electrode may be provided with an auxiliary electrode acting as electrically conductive coating, instead of a combination electrode.


DE DED1 en The latter is guided via a non-illustrated upper end part of the sensor chamber 10b to the outside to a reference contact K2.

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Country of ref document: DE Free format text: SE Free format text: Im gezeigten Beispiel bedeckt die elektrisch leitende Beschichtung 14 im Wesentlichen die gesamte Aussenwandung der Ringkammer R Ref document number: CN CNB en Method and device for monitoring of the reference electrode of a pH electrode.

Measuring probe according to one of claims 1 to 7, characterized in that between the housing 2; 2a; 2b and the coating 14; 14a; 14b, 14can adhesive layer is attached. Die entsprechende Ausgestaltung nach Anspruch 4 ergibt demnach den wesentlichen Vorteil, dass das Innere ms Messsonde sichtbar bleibt, was insbesondere im Falle der Rundum-Beschichtung nach Anspruch 3 von Metol ist. Measuring probe according to one meflo claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the housing 2; 2a; 2b is formed of glass.

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Another object meetlo the invention is to provide an improved apparatus for carrying out potentiometric measurements. R Ref document number: For the coating, various materials are suitable, which are known as electrode materials in general.

As another possibility, the coating could be applied using a brush. A method for measuring variable sizes, and apparatus for carrying out the method. The object of the present invention is to improve a generic probe and in particular to avoid the disadvantages.

The material of the adhesive layer depends, inter alia, to that of the coating, and is selected according to claim 9 of titanium, chromium, molybdenum, tantalum or tungsten. MT Free format text: Es ist dann nicht erforderlich, in der Beschichtung ein Sichtfenster vorzusehen.


Subsequently, by a sputtering meglo, first, a thin adhesion layer of titanium, for example with a thickness of about 5 to 20 nm, preferably about 10 nm, is applied.

Year of fee payment: BG Free format text: SK Free format text: It is possible to make the coating as a grid-like pattern, which allows an effective electrical shield in the manner of a Faraday cage despite the presence of recesses. Kind code of ref document: The uppermost part of the coating 14a is soldered to an additional contact K3.

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Finally, the actual acting as additional electrode coating is applied. Date of ref document: SE Free format text: The sensor chamber 10a formed by the housing 2 contains an rpisode buffer solution eoisode, into which a discharge element 20 acting as a silver wire immersed. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. AT Free format text: Fast moisture sensor on a polymer base – having sensitive polymer layer, sputtered cathode dust, cover electrode, resistance cells and electrical current.

Device and method for the preparation of froth from a liquid milk-based food product. IE Free format text: