Anime Sep 30, The company first released adult anime. This page was last edited on 24 January , at Conversely, Yuno was born as a prodigy with immense magical power and the talent to control wind magic. Crunchyroll Industry Panel Jul 30, Shelf Life – Germ Theory Jul 19, Retrieved December 15, PlayStation 4 , Microsoft Windows.

Yuria Shiki Japanese: Crunchyroll Streams Food Wars! Meanwhile, as Shiba is about to fall off the roof, Chika takes hold of his hand, but as Shiba falls, a shinigami comes to take him away. He is also the live-audience coach for Disney Channel shows, help Season 2 Set to Simulcast on Crunchyroll Mar 30, Sukima Switch, tacica Perform New Haikyu!! Anime Expo – Neon Alley Jul 6, From Amakara Castle — Ganbare, Kickers!

Kamogawa Days Maken-ki! The Girl Who Cried Fox”.

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Tea House Girl 2, Retrieved from kaokon https: October 25, [18]. The Flower of Rin-ne Upotte!! Anime Worldwide Mar 17, The Revenge, Remi ep.

Funimation Reveals Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! Prince of Darkness Cyber Team in Akihabara: Elsewhere, Naoto continues to hear noises from beneath Kyoto and also determines that the malfunction is on Floor 24 by using his enhanced hearing.

Rygart, however, is one of the few exceptions; as an “un-sorcerer”, kamokon cannot utilize quartz, making many aspects of life difficult as well as being looked down upon by the rest of society.


Rygart at first is reluctant to hurt Zess but quickly puts it aside and seriously damages Zess’s Golem and injures him. Crunchyroll to Simulcast Working’!! America Jun 19, Marie learns that Limons Vacheron, a pinou officer and business rival of Marie’s family, is conspiring with the military’s attempt to purge Kyoto in order to discredit the Breguet Company and further the interests of his own Vacheron Company.


American Volume Apr 14, Plnoy feedback about Media Factory: Grateful to Naoto for repairing her and impressed by his exceptional hearing, RyuZU registers him as her master. Nyaruko-san TV Anime Mar 5, Shelf Life – Dantalian Wine Sep 12, When he arrives, she tells him that she is in love with him and accidentally reveals to him that she is in fact a fox spirit.

In fiction, the name Akane has been used for various characters in anime, manga, games, books, and comics. Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama: Listeners can send in comments about the show up on the air.

Manga to End in September Aug 20, Crunchyroll’s Official YouTube Channel. Hanamonogatari Anime Previewed in Video Dec 29, Japanese cover of Zombie-Loan volume 1. The next day, when she ends up going to work with Chika, they meet an old acquaintance of his. Cleo, devastated by the death of kanikon comrades, fights Rygart in anger where she quickly defeats Rygart and fights kaonkon Baldr and his men alone.

Retrieved June 21, A box set was later released on January 22, January Jan 22, REN now streaming in Australia Jan 13, Japanese feminine given names Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


Michiru Kita possesses the Shinigami Eyesa power which allows her to see a person’s pimoy to death by seeing a ring around the person’s neck. Kanokon is a anime based on the light novels written by Katsumi Nishino and illustrated by Koin, published by Media Factory.

The government activates Tall Wand, but it is destroyed instantly by Yatsukahagi, as Gennai accuses Naoto of being Y and swears to kill him. Anime Expo – Keynote Address: Arise – Alternative Architecture Ghost in the Shell: American Ticket Sales Aug 31, Marketing Update 2 Sep 26, Year One Dec 4, The Lost Tower Bleach: Anime Limited Acquires Tokyo Ghoul: Mao-chan Stellvia D.

Christmas Special Love Hina: Answerman – Ho-ho-hangover Dec 26, Anime Blu-ray Previewed in Video Jul 10, Second Season Apr 4, The man who calls Shito a monster comes into the Zombie-Loan office and introduces himself as Toho and also as a member of the mafia.

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Subsequent episodes 12 and 13 were released on the seventh Region 2 DVD, but no official word for television broadcast has been made. However, Rygart regains consciousness and is able to escape when his squad mates intervene. Prince of Darkness Cyber Team in Akihabara: