The third sequence looks back on the episode with G-Dragon and Shin Sung-rok , revisiting the bib pants runway performance and Yejin and Jongshin struggling with their bib pants. Family Outing Season 2 Hangul: Kanggol Village, Boseong County , Jeollanamdo. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American television seasons Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American television seasons Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Shin Sung-rok filled in for Lee Chun-hee due to scheduling conflicts with other filming. The Family men enthusiastically welcome the female guest, Lee Soo-kyung, while Yejin and Hyori act displeased. Returning home, sleep order rankings allow the Family men to show off their boxing skills, with entertaining performances from water-spitting Jaesuk, buttocks-punching Jongshin, and easily toppled Chunhee. It is classified as a “popularity search variety”, where the female celebrities compete to find out which of them is more popular among citizens.

Damyang , South Jeolla. Armed with ramyun powder, Jongshin ensures the seafood stew is appropriately seasoned. A source reveals that it was decided he would serve as part of public interest service personnel due to health reasons. Chudong Village, Muju , North Jeolla. The women follow with their performances, featuring Hyori attacking Jongkook without reason. Meanwhile, Daesung, Sooro, and Jaesuk have difficulty catching and cleaning the fish. Highlights of the ranking include Yejin’s annoyance at the men’s slow voting leading to a reversal of results in Hyori’s favor. Highlights of dinner preparation include 1 the “Dumb and Dumber” brothers picking perilla leaves, while fearful of Hyori’s scolding, 2 Stepmother Kim and Chundrella digging for potatoes, and 3 Jongshin secretively seasoning the stew with ramyun powder.

After brunch, the Family head off to pick persimmons in the field, engaging in a verbal kwno of puns centered on the Korean word for persimmon, before forming teams to play a game of racing up a hill of hay.

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Highlights include the repeated capsizing of the boat steered by Hyori’s team and the Family members washing and cleaning each other off after the muddy play.


Yongdok Gweshi Village, North Gyeongsang. The third sequence looks back hedchul the episode with G-Dragon and Shin Sung-rokrevisiting the bib pants runway performance and Yejin and Jongshin struggling with their bib ouying. After dinner, the Family visit a local school to play a game guessing each member’s childhood report card comments.

As Chunhee gathers and washes the vegetables, he sustains the oppression of two Stepmother Kims, in Sooro and Jongkook. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Member feedback about List of Family Affair episodes: Hangae Village, SeongjuNorth Gyeongsang.

The Family then move on to their first game, where the object is to race down and epislde a large pile of hay while carrying a basin of water. Ahead of the series’ premiere, Titans was renewed for a second season. Back at the house, the Family separate into teams to prepare dinner, with Henney, Chunhee, and Jaesuk charged with buying rice cakes, where Henney acts out a CF. Episode 28 then shifts to the unaired “X-Files”.

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While on the beach, the Family play a race game of bringing a handful of water from the waves to determine breakfast duty. Family Guy seasons Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American television seasons Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of American sitcom television series epis During cooking, Wonhee continues to push the women to do labor, causing ire from Hyori and Yejin.

See here for the list of episodes Member feedback about List of Family Guy episodes: Sungsoo burns the rice but is much better preparing the seafood. Other highlights of dinner include Hyori supervising “Dumb and Dumber”, outihg gather vegetables while burdened with equal parts fear and doubt and 2 Jongshin and Jaesuk’s “snowy” stew seasoning. The series began on September 29,and has had ten seasons, plus eighteen specials to date.

Following dinner, the Family visit a local music hall to practice for a village performance.

It first aired on June 15, with the first season ending on February 14, Brian Fly to the Sky. Meanwhile, the other Family members harvest gastrodia tubers from the field, featuring an impromptu concert encore performance from Jongkook. All head to a nearby shallow pond to catch fish with their hands, where Seungwon and Sooro compete to catch the most and Hyori familly and yells at Jongkook.


Goyo Village, MungyeongNorth Gyeongsang. After breakfast, the Family choreograph and perform a Natta traditional percussion show for the local village.

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Later, the Family head to the beach to play a game where pairs squat and balance while greeting the new year. Bukdong Village, GangneungGangwon.

Reply Thread Expand Link. There is no official main host, Kim Won-hee acts as a moderator during games. During dinner preparation, Rain overcomes his averseness ramily handling octopus with Yejin’s help, Dumb and Dumber can do nothing right as they endure combination scoldings from Yejin and Hyori, and Jongshin furtively prepares seasoning from store-bought marinade and ramyun powder.

Gathering at the house, the Family audio-record their gratitude for the homeowners and welcome them home. IslandTaeyeon Girls’ Generation. Returning to the house, the Family decide to catch a chicken for dinner, with Jaesuk and Daesung exhibiting their characteristic cowardice, and relying on Yejin’s quick hands and precision technique for the capture.

At the village house, Henney helps to wash rice, reenacting a scene from the movie Ghost with Hyori. The episode ends iwon the homeowners being welcomed home. Rumors has been circulating about the show’s cancellation since the 3rd episode, which the show’s producers strongly denied.

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