Maan loses Khurana Constructions Geet tries to leave again Geet gets a gift from Maan Geet and Maan miss the bus Dadima punishes Maan and Geet Geet searches for Maan’s bride Geet and Maan feel bad for Pammi Daima refuses to abort Geet’s baby

Maan wants to go back to Delhi Geet’s complaint Irks Maan A stranger rescues Geet Geet and Maan miss the bus Geet wants to continue studies Geet readied for the party

Brij and Maan’s confrontation Maan and Geet share a kitchen Geet fasts for Maan Balwant prepares food for Geet Geet and Maan fight Arjun and Anvesha Argue Dev thinks about Nandini Geet lands up in the priso Geet searches for Maan The Wedding Is Postponed Geet readied for the party Couple Try to Compromise Geet meets her sister Dev and Geet talk in private Maan has a plan Dev searches for Maan Maan’s date with Geet Geet comes back to office Maan is smitten by Geet Couples Resolve Their Problems Dev Leaves Meera’s House Geet spoils the papers Spilt Coffee and Spilt Milk Will Anwesha Learn the Truth?


Brij tries to burn Geet alive Geet tries to talk to Maan Dev Tries to Stop the Engagement Daman is with Radhika in her room Maan says he has selected a girl Lucky Returns to Beeji’s Side Geet reveals about her pregnancy Maan seeks Geet’s forgiveness Dadimaa shares a plan with Maan The Marriage Preprations Are On Geet skips the Puja Be Careful with My Heart.

Maan keeps a close watch Geet drives the truck Geet searches for a job Dev and Nandini search Geet Maan kisses Geet’s hand Maan tends to Geet Anvesha Meets with an Accident Geet doubts Balwant Singh Arjun Does Not Believe Anvesha Maan and Geet impress all Geet and Maan enjoy at the resort Geet checks on Maan Maan cancels a project Board Rejects Nayantara’s Project Beeji is angry at Geet and Maan Maan plans a surprise for Geet Dadimaa Asks Dev to Leave

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