Mohamed Othman Sound Engineer: Raymond Nasour Sound Engineer: Robert Scharfenberg Sound Engineer: Mahmoud Khalil Rashed Producer: Hussein Sedki Set Design: Hussein Helmi el Mouhandes Producer:

Alexandria Again and Forever. Hassan el Seifi Set Design: Modern Egypt Films Distribution: Egyptian Nile Valley Company. Ibrahim Hussein el Aqqad Set Design: Mohamed Mustafa Sami Sound Engineer: Between and , he directed seven feature films. Abdel Alim Khattab Producer:

First Day of the Month Awwal el shahr Photography: Meeting arbe the Unknown Maw’id ma’ el mag’houl Photography: Ibrahim Emara Producer and Distribution: Black and White el Abyad wa-l-aswad Photography: Ibrahim Emara Sound Engineer: In the Moonlight Tahta daw’ el qamar Photography: Aboul Saoud el Ebiari Producer and Distribution: Alvise Orfanelli Director, Scriptwriter and Producer: An Engagement with Problems Arravon met’ empodion Alvise Orfanelli Director and Scriptwriter: Raymond Nasour Sound Engineer: Mohamed Abdel Gawwad Producer: Primavera Director and Scriptwriter: Ihtaris min el houbb Photography: Hussam Eddine Mustafa Producer: Wind of Hate Anemos tou misous, O.


Hussam Eddine Mustafa Scriptwriter: Raabe Chahine Sound Engineer: Abdel Alim Khattab Producer: Historically, this is considered a turning point in his professional career as a cinematographer of Egyptian films. Hassan al Seifi Producer: Hussein Sedki Set Design: El Sayed Bedeir Sound Engineer: The Vagabond el Moutasharridah Photography: The Body el Gasad Photography: Hassan el Imam Scriptwriter: Hassan el Seifi Scriptwriter: Son of the Nile Ibn el Nil Photography: Alvise Orfanelli Producer and Distribution: Mohamed Mustafa Sami Sound Engineer: Hassan el Imam Producer: Hassan el Imam Sound Engineer: Seif Eddine Shawkat Scriptwriter: El Ahd el Jadid Films.

Abbas Kamel Sound Engineer: Light of Night Nour el layl Photography: Hassan and Naiima Hasan wa Na’imah Photography: Abdel Halim Nasr, the well known director of photography, started his career as an assistant to Orfanelli in his studio in Manshieh Square, Alexandria.

Cairo Films Company Set Design: The Egyptian Film Company. Between andhe directed seven feature films.


He turned to Egyptian actors as a step to approach the citizens of the host country. Antar Effendi ‘Antar afandi Photography: Abdel Fattah Hassan Producer and Distribution: Fouad el Gazayerly Producer and Distribution: Abdel Hai Adeeb Sound Engineer: Hassan el Seifi Set Design: The Sea is Laughing el bahr biyidhak Photography: Mohamed el Aqqad Producer: El Ettehad Films Abbas Helmi.

Aboul Saoud el Ebiari Sound Engineer:

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