This can create problems in situations where acute angles in the spline may intersect once expanded. Learn how to extrude in Cinema 4D with these helpful tips and tricks. Hierarchical will force the Extrude Object to look at all child splines. If that doesn’t work, setting the computer on fire has been known to help. Fillets might as well be called the “make s! Most seasoned 3D artists will tell you that even a small fillet can go a long way in enhancing the realism and appeal of your object. Or, ya know, just do some good old fashioned IRL extruding, up to you.

By default, fillets expand the radius of your spline. C1 and c2 for caps and R1 and R2 for roundings. Thanks for your help! The rounding controls refer to the fillets or chamfers that will form between the caps and the extruded sides. For the quick-paced extrusion operations you need to perform hundreds of times while modeling an object, you can select polygons and use the movement axis handles while holding Control to make extrusions in a more free form way. No registered users viewing this page. This brings polygon modeling closer to the fluid and free form process of sculpting.

Let’s say a client sends you their fancy logo as an Illustrator file.

featurerequests: Extrude multiple paths faster

Keep in mind, this will apply the same extrusion settings to all splines. Subdivision controls the number of loops created along the extrusion edge. Learn how to apply mograph animation techniques to imported Illustrator paths. The three movement boxes correspond to the XYZ directions relative to the Extrude object, regardless of cinena the spline is oriented.


Extrude nurbs – multiple paths

This is helpful when you have many extrued splines you want to extrude. This article will cover some of the basic methods for extruding splines and polygons in Cinema4D. The following scene is an example of this. Now you are free to make any kind of selection you want. The Extrude Object is a generator that works on any kind of spline in Cinema4D. Remember to check out the Cinema4D documentation for more information on any of the parameters in the Extrude Object, or any other Generator.

No registered users viewing this page. Start digging through those old Illustrator files and see what you can do to make them look even better in 3D.

By default, the extrude tool will keep adjacent polygons connected when they are extruded if Preserve Groups is checked in the extrude tool settings.

You don’t need to make them editable and manually create polygon selection sets. The Extrude Tool in Cinema 4D. Put them all under 1 extrude and check the hierarhical button. Extruding is one of the fastest ways to transform 2D vector artwork into 3D geometry.

Imported vector art often comes in as a series of many extruee splines. Posted July 19, And by the way, this works for edge selections too!

You’re extruding like a pro. Extruding Splines with the Extrude Object.

Using the Variance option in the tool can let you quickly create greebled looks on any kind of geometry in your scene, adding a secondary layer of detail and complexity. Weird self-intersection happening with your extrudes? You need editable geometry.


This is useful if you intend to perform any kind of deformation on the geometry. Go ahead, enable those fillet caps. Being able to use one extrude object for all of them is much more efficient and quick. This can create problems in situations where acute angles in the spline may intersect once expanded.

CGTalk | Apply extrude nurbs to multiple splines?

Hello – I have two issues I’m trying to sort out. Ahh – fantastic, that worked like a charm, makes my life a LOT easier! This topic is now closed to further replies. Speaking of which, there are a few options for getting Illustrator files into Cinema4D.

This makes all your spline act under 1 parent extrude. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to extrudd replies. Extruding in Cinema 4D can be pretty contextual, meaning how it works and what it makes can vary a lot depending on the situation you are using it in.

You can then apply materials to each extrudenurbs object. The rounding controls refer to the fillets or chamfers that will form between the caps and the extruded sides.

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