France Austria Germany Italy [2]. Archived from the original on 26 August It’s perplexing and highly irregular, leading to a truly distraught ending, one that lingers long after the credits end. This site uses cookies. They said he should be glad to be rid of a couple of jigaboos. Everything here is too close to reality in an audio and visual sense, making it never feel quite right in the best way possible. Wayne State University Press. And was the motive of the two to convince Majid to kill himself or just to torture George?

A true Michael Haneke Classic. Top Moments From the Oscars. Le Monde in French. They drowned about Arabs in the Seine. The bad dream into which Haneke’s characters are plunged is scrutinised with forensic clarity and dispassion. While the filmmakers intended the production to be entirely French, they discovered they could not raise the funds in the one country.

Extremism and Michael Haneke”. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

Examining the Ending of Caché | Cinematic

Ebert questioned whether the last scene’s encounter between Pierrot and Majid’s son is the first time they met, or one of many encounters. The fact that the world becomes picture at all is what distinguishes the essence of the modern age [ He loves to play games with his audience, much like a cat with a mouse.


The guests chat idly of the misfortunes of others, eynopsis that in divorce, one always has to take sides. So this is turning the tables. Though it resembles a whodunitthe film does not reveal who sent the tapes. There’s new strain when they begin to receive tapes of their home under surveillance–tapes accompanied by childlike drawings of a boy and blood.

They visit the police with hope of aid to find the stalker, but as there is no direct threat, they refuse to help. Once the credits start rolling over it seems that the scene serves no purpose to the viewer. There’s more than one allusion to trouble in the Middle East, which seems a fantastic example of how past wrongs now bleed into our present.

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Archived from the original on 11 September I’m probably a dummy but this one was pretty boring to synopsls. Celik, Ipeka Fall Views Read Edit View history.

Pierrot returns to his family, having spent time with friends, and hints to Anne that he thinks she is too close to Pierre, a family friend. The dinner party is part of Haneke’s extended critique of middle-class mores.

They visit the police with hope of aid to find the stalker, but as there is no direct hxneke, they refuse to help. The fixed-medium range shots that opens and closes the film indicate the view and sgnopsis of the director–clinical, somewhat distanced and unshaken by the story he unfolds.


In Roberta Pearson; Anthony N.

It’s perplexing and highly irregular, leading to a truly distraught ending, one that haneie long after the credits end. They never came back. There is no dramatic musical score, none of the traditional shocks or excitements, just an IV-drip-drip-drip of disquiet leading finally to a convulsion of horror.

It’s the long shot that makes it seem threatening.

We love Hidden. But what does it mean?

There’s something soulless in Haneke’s “Cache,” something so deeply disturbing without any actual threat of danger that mystifies and shocks the senses. The website’s critical consensus reads, “A creepy French psychological thriller that commands the audience’s attention throughout”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It is a stalker-nightmare with a shiver of the uncanny and a double-meaning in the title: Collective Suffering in Global Arts and Media. Retrieved 28 November Anyway, I have my family friend At the obvious level, it is a cacye of colonial guilt of Europe and race relations. I think it sits well here because it makes people ask if it’s true or not.

Anne is enraged by his failure to trust her.