Original characters Roxy Rocket. Though initially unhappy about another person following in Bruce’s dangerous footsteps, she admits that the city needs Batman, and that Terry could not be deterred from being Batman any more than she could have been from being Batgirl. When the Joker mysteriously reappears in Gotham City after having disappeared 35 years ago and now fully aware of all of the original Batman’s secrets, he starts targeting people close to both Bruce and Terry; leading the latter to investigate as to how it is possible. Neverthless, it received critical acclaim for its story, voice acting, animation and score. Batman’s attempts to protect Young lead to conflicts with Gordon, and some surprising revelations about the past. When Commissioner Barbara Gordon witnesses Batman killing an opponent in cold blood, Terry finds himself on the run from the law as he tries to discover the real culprit and prove his innocence.

Astro Boy Cardcaptor Sakura —01 Cubix: Batman Batman and Robin Batman Year One Justice League: Start your free trial. SubZero Batman Beyond: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A villain known as Spellbinder uses hypnotic technology to orchestrate a string of robberies, turning his victims into his unwitting accomplices.

The Lego Movie 2: Chase Me Strange Days. Superman drafts Batman into the Justice League when he eggbaaby there is a traitor among them. Zeta returns to Neo-Gotham City to look for his creator, but falls into the clutches of Mad Stan, who turns him into a walking time-bomb. A Nutcracker Tale Justice League: In this episode, while touring the historic district of Gotham, Bruce spots a Wanted poster of the Jokermarking his only pictured appearance outside the wggbaby.

Terry goes to Bruce for help but he refuses, feeling he is too old and too weak to be of any use and instead eeggbaby Terry to take the evidence to Barbara Gordon who has become the new Police Commissioner.

After discovering Batman’s secret identity, Maxine helps Terry with everything from computer hacking to babysitting.

Doomsday Tom and Jerry: Warner Animation Group Warner Bros. The Killing Joke Scooby-Doo! The Brave and the Bold Batman: However, that wound up working against the show when it caast to critical recognition; when time came for the Emmys to awarded every year, DCAU productions wound up inevitably losing to more child-friendly animated shows like Rugrats or, appallingly, the freakish crime against humanity that was Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain.


The Eggbaby 01 Apr Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Shriek traps Batman in the abandoned tunnels beneath Neo-Gotham intent on revenge, and Bruce must ally with Max to find him.

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After 52 episodes spanning three seasons and one direct-to-video filmthe series was put on hold for the Justice League animated series, despite the network having announced plans for a fourth season. Search for ” The Eggbaby ” on Amazon. Featuring reviews of episodes from through the present. Hero of the Year Batman Unlimited: Teen Titans Lego Scooby-Doo!

Batman Beyond is set in the chronological future of the DC animated universe despite being released before Static ShockJustice League and Justice League Unlimitedand serves as a continuance of casr Batman: Audible Download Audio Books. He must seek the help from Bruce who knew of an old enemy of theirs, Starro the Conquerer.

List of unproduced DC Comics projects. Batman goes up against a new, seemingly-invulnerable foe called the Repeller, who uses technology similar to a prototype that Wayne-Powers’ medical byeond has been developing. This episode leads into the spin-off series The Zeta Project. A young delinquent by the name of Terry McGinnis, loses his father and through an ironic set of situation becomes the new Batman.

The Eggbaby

So what do you want cst to do? While the idea of Batman Beyond seemed as if it were “not a proper continuation of the legacy of the Dark Knight”, [4] it gathered acclaim after its release. Alan Burnett Teleplay by: A new program for troubled kids is becoming a popular last resort among parents in Gotham, but “The Ranch” is byeond everything it seems. Channel Umptee-3 —98 Generation O! The Royal Flush Gang return, minus Ten, in an attempt to regain their reputation.


Batman Beyond, Episode “The Eggbaby” | Justice League: Revisited

The Batmobile from Batman: Terry is forced to take a computer-simulated “baby” with him everywhere—even as Batman—in order to make the grade in Family Studies. In the third season of Batman Neyonda two-part episode “The Call” featured for the first time the futuristic Justice Eggbwbya springboard for Bruce Timm ‘s next series Justice League. Batman Beyond is said to explore the darker side of many Batman projects, playing on key elements such as emotions, personal relations, fear of the unknown, to cyberpunk – and sci-fi -themed elements such as issues and dilemmas of innovation and technological and scientific progress affecting society, and to the disturbing psychological elements of the character of Bruce Wayne.

Batman Beyond, Episode Paul Dini Teleplay by: Terry helps Bruce back to the manor and, while exploring the mansion, stumbles upon the entrance to the Batcave and thus discovers Bruce’s secrets, only gatman be chased out by an angered Bruce. Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis confront a very familiar foe.

The truth being revealed to Terry allows him to let go of his anger and fear. Freeze, in the hope that a similar treatment might reverse Derek Eggbzby transformation into Blight. Countdown to Apokolips Batman: The story moves ahead 20 years later to in Neo-Gothama futuristic megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles.

Carl voice Lauren Tom Retrieved from ” https: Decades ago, after Beyobd sided with Bruce against her father, Ra’s al Ghul was left mortally wounded beyond the Lazarus Pit’s ability to heal.