The pair go for a drink and forget about their argument, and Carty forgets completely about his sister. They are an exclusive group, the elite of all soccer fans. Whether or not you enjoy the book will depend entirely on how you feel about the subject matter. More like a 2. No trivia or quizzes yet. An indictment of the modern values and approaches to others.

When the film finally came out, it was like “what the fuck, OK Whilst most of The Pack exist only to cause hurt to others, Elvis worries that his continued existence may cause hurt to himself. Oct 01, Simon rated it really liked it. I would never have wanted the kind of life Carty experienced in any way, but thanks to Sampson I realise more accurately how distasteful I find this sort of behaviour, as I almost feel as if I lived it for a short while. Was rather intense reading though so couldnt read it in one go took me a few days to finish which is unusual for me. Search for ” Awaydays ” on Amazon. Comparisons to Catcher in the Rye are definitely correct here, but it emulated it too much at times. Took a while to get into the Merseyside vernacular, but this didn’t spoil the story at all.

Carty and Elvis finally bond at a scenester club were Carty seems to have some sort of pull. Set in the era of wedge cuts, Lois jeans and Adidas Forest Hills trainers, Awaydays is one of the better British football hooligan films made so far, which to be fair could be seen as damning the film with faint praise. They are an exclusive group, the elite of all soccer fans. April 24, For Malcontents Only 7×7: And can they get by without each other? Carty is slowly accepted in the Pack, except for Baby who is a fat little angry man great hair though who ends up stabbing their leader John.

Carty and Elvis travel the Northern wastelands, always by train, causing mayhem in the ‘wooll It’s and in Birkenhead smack and Maggie Thatcher are still less of an issue than Lois jeans and Adidas Forest Hills training shoes. Did your favorite make the cut? Stylish but gritty, frightening yet funny, it’s got a bit of everything, and will be on my DVD shelf as soon as it comes out.

Whilst Carty himself doesn’t carry a knife, Elvis and some of the others do and Carty reports on what he sees when they’re used, even down to the patterns of the blood. It’s an everyday reminder of the awaysays of life – and the absolute certainty of death.


To ask other asaydays questions about Awaydaysplease sign up. Apple Liverpool missing their man with the baton – and how to solve Klopp’s pressing creativity problem. The subtitle of this book at least what it says on my copy is ” Ten out of ten for sure. Maybe we used to live to hunt to kill to eat to live another day. Great book, very easy to read, the author has a great ear for the local dialect.

The death of the main character’s mother, the relationship with his sister and father, and his relationship with work are all very noteworthy. Apr 22, Godzilla rated it it was amazing Shelves: But even that is left hanging. This book felt so real that it could have been marked as autobiographical and I would have believed it. Although marketed as fiction, Kevin Sampson’s ”Awaydays” is one of the latest to fall into this category. Although marketed as fiction, Kevin Sampson’s ”Awaydays” is one of the latest to fall trqnmere this categ The popularity of films like ”Green Street” and ”Football Factory”, which depict football violence seem to have increased over recent years whilst the violence itself has been decreasing.

The main character also has several revelations about his supposed best friend Elvis near the end of the novel which felt totally contrived.

Despite the bursts of graphic sex and violence, at its heart Awaydays is about bonds — between young men, men and women, brothers and sisters, and particularly the shifting complex sands between Carty and Elvis, whose relationship is both needy and abusive and wwaydays the ever-present undertone of something deeper than friendship, on one side at least.

The reference to Catcher in the Rye isn’t lost. Yes No Report this. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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When not describing the prelude to and execution of battles with other club supporters, Paul is perpetually chasing after girls with his best mate Elvis. It’s important to mention that the character of Carty himself is not the complete poncey eejit that he is portrayed to be in the movie. He inhabits an area between the two worlds, feeling estranged from the family he still lives with, but never being entirely accepted by The Pack, Tranmere Rovers travelling fans, no awayvays how conformant his dress or how many opposition fans he fights.


If you’re prudish or don’t like hearing about violence, then this isn’t a book you’ll enjoy in any way. Marty as Micheal Ryan Sean Ward Some of the slang and period references especially the fashion are beyond even British pop-culture aficionados like me, but the story holds together on its own.

Awaydays review

I really like Kevin’s writing, I’ve read a few of his books and this is pretty good, football violence, bib and brace, music and madness. Now we just kill time in as many sophisticated ways as possible. Afterwards Elvis leaves the scene crying and has a tender moment with Carty but disappears into the night this of course without all the poetical beauty of the book. Plus the firm this lad rolls with are fecking Tranmere Rovers supporter.

Carty eventually meets Elvis at a club tfanmere and the pair realise they have many things in common from music taste to wanting out of Birkenhead.

Definitely a book that could encourage your son to read. But the storyline it’s completely twisted and turned. Awaydays is a decent read, but it really just feels like the same story, only with football casuals instead of students. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: They share a romantic evening quite touching if you are into romantic evening with your best mate throwing stones and making a pact to go to Berlin to the sound of Ultravox!

Kevin Sampson’s Wirral football thugs tale Awaydays comes to the big screen

The main character is a well to tilm teenager from Birkenhead trying to fit in with a bunch of football hooligans. Audible Download Audio Books. Well worth a trip to the cinema, away from the usual soulless Hollywood pap.

Carty is very pleased and wants to be part of “The Pack”, but Elvis reckons him a nice, soft boy. The pair fantasise about leaving for Berlin. It’s and in Birkenhead smack and Maggie Thatcher are still less of an issue than Lois jeans and Adidas Forest Hills training shoes.

However, after an argument with Elvis when Elvis tells him he is making a “twat out of himself”, Carty leaves tarnmere to find Elvis there. There are also some good performances among the cast of surrounding friends, family and the roaming Pack.